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layout posts are friends locked [
Dec. 16, 2006 ~ 11:09am

I've decided to put friends locks on the layout posts, so you'll have to join the community before being able to see those.
The links to the layout posts are under Links in the navigation bar~ 
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gonna be away~ [
Dec. 04, 2006 ~ 1:45am

I won't be around until after my finals are over~  If you have any questions or want to use a particular layout, please comment here, and I'll get back to you after my finals are over. 
I'm still really new to lj layouts (fact is, I started making them a few days ago), so I won't be able to offer anything spectacular for a while.  I do have experience in making regular layouts though, so hopefully I'll be able to pick up the tricks soon.

For new icons, visit my website, as I won't be updating my journal with anything new. 
Everyone have fun with your finals
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4 wintery/holiday icons [
Dec. 03, 2006 ~ 3:33pm

[4] wintery/holiday season icons


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christmas icons [
Dec. 02, 2006 ~ 10:15pm

In case people who adopted my ouran christmas layout wanted a xmas icon too, I've made 3 quick ones.

please credit saa_chan when using
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sharing various mangas [
Dec. 02, 2006 ~ 9:34pm

Lots of manga I uploaded a while ago.  Dumping them here~ Enjoy
Some links might be expired... just comment here and i'll reupload them

Faeries' Landing, sweet II, tokyo boys and girls reuploaded~ added 23.00, a one volume work

Files are in .rar format~  if you don't have winrar or even if you do, use CDisplay to load/read the files~  I think it's the best comic viewer.  If it says no files to display, that means the zipped file contains zipped/rarred files inside; so just extract the file and load the individual chapter zips
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